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Which size of Baesic pad should I use for regular flow ?

We offer pads in two different sizes 280mm for regular blood flow and 320 mm for heavy blood flow.

What are Baesic pads made of ?

Baesic sanitary pads are made from organic cotton, super aborbent core and breathable sheet to prevent any leakages and rashes.

How often should I change my Baesic pad ?

We advise you to change your pad after 4-6 hours to maintain hygiene.

Why do Baesic pads have a wider back ?

All our pads have a wider back to provide extra coverage and prevent any leakage.

How should I dispose off my Baesic pad ?

Each Baesic pad comes with a biodegradable disposal bag. Put the used pad in the resealable disposal bag and dispose it off. Do not flush your pad.

Do Baesic products have a biodegradable packaging ?

Yes, all our packaging is 100% biodegradable and made from recycled plastic.

How to use a Baesic pad ?

-Take the pad out of disposal bag.

-Remove the release paper from the back.

-Press the sticky side in the center of your underwear/panty.

-Remove the release paper from the wings.

-Wrap the wings around the both side of your underwear/panty and you are ready to go!