About us

The basic necessity of having a comfortable, safe and affordable period experience is something everyone wishes to experience. With Baesic, we are revolutionizing the concept of menstrual hygiene products by providing thoughtful care. Menstruation is natural and so are our products! Baesic products are crafted with organic cotton and a super absorbent core to keep you dry, comfortable, rash-free, and irritation-free for a long time. That way, you can experience periods better, far away from chemicals, synthetic, toxic, or artificial fragrances. The ultra-thin pads set you free from worries even during your heaviest days. Our pads are oxo-biodegradable and make sure that one can be thoughtful of nature while being thoughtful about themselves! 

We created these products keeping all menstruators in mind, especially those who’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle and make changes for the better. We promise to deliver and innovate menstrual hygiene care products that provide comfort, confidence, and care to all the menstruators at that time of the month.

Our story doesn’t end with our products; rather, it begins there! The more you know about us, the more reasons you will get to choose Baesic. Every month you get a chance to make a choice, make a good one.