Why is my period so heavy?

Why is my period so heavy?

Dealing with periods every month is in itself a difficult task. But some menstruators also have to deal with menorrhagia. It is the medical term for heavy bleeding or excessively heavy bleeding during periods. Menorrhagia occurs due to underlying conditions, and when these conditions remain untreated, heavy bleeding is caused. Heavy bleeding is also accompanied by menstrual cramps, lower back pain, etc. Although this condition in itself is not a serious one, it might indicate other serious issues such as polyps, polycystic ovary syndrome, fibroids, etc. So, in order to assist you in dealing with menorrhagia in a better manner, here are some ideas and approaches that can be helpful, ranging from natural remedies to basic precautionary tips.

Keep heavy flow pads handy: You must choose pads that can assist with excessive bleeding because not all can. It's possible that you bleed profusely during part of your period, if not all of it. Make sure you have the best heavy-flow sanitary pads with you so as to prevent any leakage, be it in the home or while you are away on a vacation. Also, you can switch to organic sanitary pads or cotton sanitary pads because wearing pads for long hours and many days can cause skin irritation and rashes; therefore, these options would be a smart choice for you.

Take iron supplements: Anaemia can be one of the leading causes of menorrhagia, if not any other condition. So keeping with the supplements helps you to combat the excessive blood loss and can also help keep menorrhagia in check.

Get lots of sleep: To replenish the blood that is lost during heavy menstrual flow, the body requires energy. It's crucial to take breaks for rest whenever you can because it can minimize exhaustion.

Consume cinnamon tea: If you are someone who fancies tea, then brew yourself a warm cup of cinnamon tea and sip on it slowly. It is well recognised for reducing bleeding because it promotes blood flow away from the uterus and reduces inflammation.
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