Find out the difference: Regular flow or Heavy flow sanitary pad

Find out the difference: Regular flow or Heavy flow sanitary pad

Do you stay confused about which sanitary pad to choose: a heavy-flow pad or a light-flow pad?


Well, you need not be confused anymore. Here's the difference and what should be the right fit for you:

Most sanitary pads brands maintain a standard size for heavy-flow sanitary pads or regular-flow sanitary pads. A heavy-flow sanitary pad ranges from 310 mm to 330 mm. It can absorb about 10 ml to 15 ml of blood. They can be used by menstruators who experience heavy bleeding during one or two days of their menstrual cycle and do not have any underlying conditions or issues. These sanitary pads are highly absorbent and can be worn at night. But for some menstruators who have to deal with very heavy bleeding during menstruation, they should switch to super-heavy sanitary pads that are also super absorbent. The measurements range from 350 mm to 400 mm. They are designed to absorb 15 ml to 20 ml of blood every time.Then come sanitary pads for regular flow or light flow. These sanitary pads range somewhere between 250 mm and 300 mm. They absorb about 5 to 10 ml of blood flow. They cannot be used during heavy flow, as then you would require it to change more often.

These are the basic types of sanitary napkins. A heavy-flow or light-flow sanitary pad can be chosen based on affordability, price, and your menstrual cycle. But a menstruator should keep both types of sanitary pads with them to manage their periods easily. When, during periods, a thick uterine lining sheds, the menstruator experiences heavy periods. This is a natural phenomenon and usually happens on the first two days of the period. Therefore, heavy bleeding can be seen these days. As the uterine lining becomes thinner, one witnesses lighter periods

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