Choosing the right sanitary pad

Choosing the right sanitary pad

Menstruation is a natural phenomenon, and every menstruator reacts differently to it. Reason why there are so many different types of sanitary napkins on the market is that every menstruator needs something different according to their needs. Due to the varying elements, your preference may be distinct, such as in terms of skin type, body shape, and flow.

While choosing the best-fitting sanitary napkin for yourself, there are certain points that you should keep in mind.

Duration and Flow
First-time menstruators generally begin with regular flow pads, and that's one way of finding out which sanitary napkin you require. Because if you are required to change the regular flow pad too quickly, then you should choose heavy flow pads. You have to buy a sanitary pad according to your flow. Also, depending upon your body shape and type one should decide whether you need an extra-long pad with broad hip-guard or a regular one. Other than normal heavy-flow pads with high absorbency, there are sanitary pads available with super absorbency as well.

Various types of pads
There are a variety of pads available, and based on your preference, you can choose whether you want a really short and ultra-thin sanitary pad or a thick, layered sanitary pad, an extra-large size or a regular-sized one, with wings or without wings. Other than sanitary pads there are panty liners available in the market best for the days when you are experiencing a little bleeding known as spotting.

Composition of pads
The materials of the pads are also very important, as many of them can cause skin rashes and infections, especially the ones that have a plastic top sheet layer. In addition to being soft, look for fabrics that are good for your skin and are skin-friendly. If you are prone to infections and have sensitive skin, you must take extra precautions. Though there are a lot of varieties, the best sanitary pads are organic sanitary pads or cotton sanitary pads, as they do not cause skin rashes and are toxin-free.

Absorbency capacity
You can choose whether you need a sanitary napkin with normal absorbency or one with extra absorbency based on the type of flow you are having and how long you would need to carry one sanitary pad. The major function of the pad is to absorb the blood flow without any backflow or leakage. Most menstruators stick to using two types of sanitary pads: one for heavy flow days (best heavy flow pads) and one for days when the flow is light (regular flow

Endnote: How to choose the best-fitting pad?
If it’s your first time buying sanitary pads, avoid the synthetic kind, since its harsh and chemically infused base can irritate your delicate area. First and foremost, understand your flow. It’ll help you figure out what size is best for you. Other than that, you should also keep in mind the lifestyle you are leading and, based on that, choose your sanitary pad, as you might need to carry a single pad for a longer time. The right pad should have side wings to adhere to your undies and have a gentle base for rash-free wear.
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